Experience the joy, wonder and magic of interacting with horses. Feel warm, sweet horse breaths on your skin, touch soft, silky noses, look deep into the soul, through the liquid eyes of a horse. Learn how they communicate and have fun while learning more about their life and what makes them tick. You can also learn some horsemanship skills, see a demonstration of natural horsemanship and how they respond to your body language.


·         Tailored Sessions - Each Session will be tailored to facilitate best outcome for number of participants involved; taking into account group experience, needs, capability, mobility and preferences.

·        Hands on experience and Natural Horsemanship - Groups of up to 10 participants can choose from a comprehensive range of fun, educational options listed under HOME PRODUCTS - UNIQUE ALTERNATIVE OPTIONS. Groups of more than 10 will be invited to view Natural Horsemanship demonstrations, where volunteers may be involved at various stages.

·        Group Experience Canvas – Upon Request - Materials will be made available for individuals to draw or write on the canvas throughout the day, photo of group with canvas at end of day – Canvas can be taken by Group Leader/Carer when leaving, as a memento of their HTH experience.

·        Photos and videos - can be taken at any time, with permission; by family, friends, carers, instructors – ask permission to post any photos/videos on HTH website/Facebook.

·        Certificates for attendance, from Horses Teaching Humans Sessions – will be made available on request.

·         We value your input and feedback - Share feedback on your experience and let us know what you would like more or less of, or something different. Would you be interested in coming again?  What would you like for your next experience with HTH?  We are flexible around your preference for day/s and times that would suit.

A Group consists of 2 or more participants – (NB: minimum payment of $80)NB: Maximum of 10 participants for interactive sessions. (Significant Discounts may apply - speak with Host for more details).

A comprehensive listing of unique, fun and educational options is available for groups to either participate in or observe: See HOME - PRODUCTS - Unique Alternative Options

INDIVIDUAL SESSION – 1.5-2 Hours - $80 p/p

GROUP SESSIONS – 2-4 hours - $20 per person

Significant Discounts available for large groups

For more information or to Book your Horses Teaching Humans experience, Go to CONTACT above - or call Elaine on 02 48373397 or 0438446217 or email:

Horses Teaching Humans

Horses Teaching Humans