The Aroma Freedom Technique (AFT) is a method that allows people to release negative thoughts, feelings and memories. It was not designed to be a stand-alone therapy for people suffering from mental and emotional disorders as defined in
The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM). If you have received such a diagnosis you are advised to be in the care of a qualified Mental Health Professional.

We use only Young Living therapeutic grade essential oils.

There are 3 components to AFT: The Memory Resolution Technique; Even when the memories may be painful, this process has been shown to support a gentle and profound re-evaluation of the memory. It has been shown to work equally well for those whose memories are not as stressful, but nonetheless disturbing and/or disruptive.

60 Second Reset/D Stress : This is a gentle yet powerful daily tool to assist and support through daily life challenges, by acknowledging what is causing stress and using the power of scent and imagery, allow a calmer, more positive mindset to take place as you move through the day with more ease and confidence.

Aroma Freedom Technique: Setting a goal or intention you may wish to achieve and through the power of scent and the AFT process, create a new belief, mindset and affirmation of your achieving this with a newly held belief and confidence in your own ability.

1 or more of the above modalities may be used in a Session to assist the client and meet their current need. These Sessions can be shared in person or Online via Zoom, Facebook, Telephone

Approx 1 hour duration : Price $55 $45 Concession

Contact: Elaine - Mob 0438 446 217 Ph: 02 4837 3397