Pride and her loving herd

Pride and her loving herd


PRIDE’S GIFT – January 2019

What magic and wonder do you, and I, sometimes miss, by not being aware of opportunities placed before us, this moment in time?

This morning, my beautiful Horses Teaching Humans Rubyvale herd once again blew my mind with their gifting, which I nearly missed out on.

The wonder and magic continue to linger.

This morning, I wandered across to spend time with the horses, without expectation on what I may or may not do today.   Tess was close by, so I thought, well, I could ride Tess today, as usually it would be Prince of course!  

After organising the saddle, saddle blanket and helmet, I could not find the correct girth for her ample body – you are perfect Tess!  I searched high and low, but no sign of the girth.

The other horses, having become bored with my searchings and lack of attention, had wandered further down the paddock.  I eventually noticed that Pride came back to the shed area, perhaps seeing this as an opportunity for gifting for herself, as well as her preoccupied human.

Pride, our cute, 10hh rescue pony, is very sceptical of humans and quite flighty.   She doesn’t like to be approached too closely or too quickly or feel the pressure of humans ‘watching’ her.  If you make any move towards her, she will generally turn away, or move away.  “Hmmmm - How interesting!” as Linda Parelli would say.  So many lessons for us humans there – approach, retreat, respect, trust.

Backing up to yesterday, Pride came to the round yard gate whilst I was playing with Claudie and indicated she would like to come into the round yard and spend time with me. To freely offer and then allow me to bring her into the yard, was a huge step for Pride.  We had some gentle friendly games, body massaging, energy clearings and lots of loving.  As this beautiful, ‘beyond time’ together progressed, I felt my heart expanding, hugely expanding, in synchronicity with her own heart.  A wondrous, magical moment, which lingers on in my own heart and body, as it now appears, to be the same for her.  All leading, I believe, to her offering to spend time together today.

Fast forward to today’s offering and magic.




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This morning, Pride came up to the shed area, where I greeted her – “Hello, Pride. Heart to heart.”  Placing my hand over my heart and softly speaking these words,  has become my new greeting, after our hth (heart to heart) experience yesterday.  Pride remained quite still, gazing at me intently, so I asked if she would like to come into the big arena area.

Pride indicated, “Yes.”  No doubt she was surprised and pleased with teaching and training her human so quickly? 

I opened the gate into the arena area and Pride stood next to me quietly waiting.  I lightly held onto her head stall and led her into the arena, where we played figure 8’s around the barrels, having lots of fun together, whilst I gently held the head stall.  We both then stood perfectly still, totally present and embracing that ‘magical moment’.   I was able to massage her body, sharing a feeling of peace and calm, where time also stood still. 

Beyond words, beyond expectations.

We remained in this wondrous place for around 10 minutes and Pride quietly moved off to graze happily in the arena.

Thank you, Pride.   I am filled with wonder, joy, gratitude and peace for the gifting our horses bestow upon their humans, every day.  

As time has progressed, there has been a huge, noticeable shift in Pride’s confidence and trust with myself and with others – the whole family comment on the beautiful change that has ensued.  Well done, Pride.